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A Message to Parents

About Us

We Are Reclaiming Student Economic Power!

Who we are, headquartered in Columbia, Missouri, is operated by students just like you! We are working adults with children and the monopoly that the bookstores have over the cost of textbooks is amazing! So we hope to give you an alternative. You can list your books for sale and it's FREE!

Every five weeks or so, a class ends and a new one begins.  With each class comes a "required text."  New text cost around $100.00 each and used are around $75.00.  We hardly even use the book in class!  To sell my books back, I would have to call a 1-800 number to find out that they were only going to give me $10 to $15.00 (if that) or that the book was not a buyback at all.  I was sick and tired of hearing "We're sorry.  But we are not buying this book back at this time.  But you might want to check back in a few months."  A few months came and went and they were still not buying the book back.  I finally figured out part of this bookstore equation which robbed me of $1,000's of dollars.  The bookstores make more money if they keep selling new books, so even if the book is used in future courses, they don't want to inventory used books because they are less profitable!  I decided to create this website as a forum for students in Missouri to find students just like them with tight budgets.  

How It Works is an online textbook exchange for Missouri college students.  Students can list their used textbooks on, allowing them to sell books on their own terms for their own prices. This means a lot more $ than campus bookstores offer through a buyback program, IF they are even buying your book back!

You can also do your shopping for books to buy for your next course from other students. This means that we have taken back the power that was taken by the bookstores. We buy books for our own price and sell books for our own price! By connecting the buyer and seller directly, each get the most benefit.

By having the ability to search for books within your campus, you will not be inconvenienced by having to ship books, all the transactions will happen locally. A buyer will notify you via email and you can arrange the delivery terms in person.  The books will also be available for a statewide or even national search to reach all students.

No longer will you only have the option of selling your books, at a significant loss, to bookstores in and around your university, or on-line bookstores. There wasn't an exchange where students could sell their books to fellow students at a price which was acceptable to both parties. fills this gap by offering students an easily accessible site where they can sell and buy their books.

Why Do You Charge a Fee to List Books?

In order to keep the site going, we have to make sure that we can afford to keep this site running 24/7 so that students can save money.  To cover our cost, we charge a $1.97 transaction fee.

The fee helps cover the cost for site maintenance and server hosting.  By using PayPal, students can use a credit card or take money from a banking account.  Students who are selling books can also receive money directly to their paypal account and even earn interest!  PayPal is owned by Ebay and is a great way to make online transactions with or without a credit card.

Not to worry, you are still going to be saving more then you would at the bookstore on your campus or another online bookstore, because we use the power of students together, without anyone in the middle to drive up prices.

The more students who use this site, the transaction fee for selling your books online will decrease.  So tell your friends!!!!