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A Message to Parents

A Message to Parents

Welcome!  We are glad that you are visiting  We understand the cost of working your entire lives to put your child into college and we hope this site will help in saving money on the purchase of textbooks.  

Have you ever wondered why textbooks cost so much?  Many will argue about whether or not college books are worth their costs.  But here a breakdown of who gets paid when textbooks are purchased.  The question you need to ask is this:  "How does my college student figure into this equation?": 

Publisher:  66%       Author:  10%      Freight:  3%       School:  8%      Bookstore:  13% was created to provide a forum for students and their parents to buy or sell books directly to students and parents like them.  We hope that you will utilize this site.  The more students that use this site, then the less expensive it will be to list textbooks to sell.  We will continually update the site to provide information to assist you and your child with the cost of textbooks.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us.